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Buzzex Coin (BZX) - The Coin Of The Future!

Earn Daily Bonus Coins On Buzzex

Up To 80% Of Trading Fees Earned On Buzzex Are Sent Back To People Holding 20K Or More BZX In Their Exchange Wallet.

Get Up To 100% Discount On Trading Fees

If You Hold 1000-20,000 BZX In Your Exchange Wallet You'll Get A Discount Of 5-100% For Every trade You Make On Buzzex.

Vote On Your Favorite Coins

People Holding More Than 20K BZX In Their Buzzex Exchange Wallet Have A Say In Which Coins We Should List On The Exchange.

Get Staking Rewards

People Holding Any Amount Of BZX In Offline Wallets Will Earn Daily Mining Rewards For Helping To Secure The BZX Network.

Get Masternode Rewards

People Setting Up Masternodes Will Be Able To Earn 60% Of Mining Rewards For Helping To Instantly Verify BZX Transactions.

Decentralized Organization

Masternode Owners Are Allowed To Vote On Proposals Submitted By People Who Want To Help Grow The Buzzex Ecosystem And Earn Rewards.

Super-Fast Transactions

The Buzzex Blockchain Confirms Transactions In Less than 1 Minute, And Most Of The Time It Happens In A Matter Of Seconds.

Cheap Fees

Tired Of Paying Enormous Fees Using Cryptocurrency? BZX Fees Mostly Cost Less Than $0.01 making It Cheap To Send Transactions.


The Community Is The Heart Of Buzzex. That's Why We Allow The Community To Earn Rewards In Multiple Ways!


Pre-Launch Buzzex Platform

The pre-launch campaign of the Buzzex Trading platform will allow all members to earn Buzzex coins through various bounty campaigns and referring others to the platform, as well as buying coins at a heavily discounted price.


Launch Buzzex Coin Blockchain

Just before the Buzzex Exchange platform launches, the Buzzex Coin blockchain will go live and BZX holders will be able to stake coins or set up masternodes to earn daily rewards from the blockchain.


Launch Buzzex Trading Platform

During the first quarter of 2019 the Buzzex Trading platform launches and will start rewarding Buzzex Coin holders (minimum 20K) with daily bonus crypto for holding BZX as well as rewarding them with weekly airdrops of more dividends earning coins.


Launch Of Buzzex Trading API

The Buzzex API will allow traders to automate their trades and create bots to increase their trading profits. The API will be very powerful and execute trades in a matter of milliseconds, avoiding any delays to execute orders.


End Of Trans-Fee Mining Period

In the first months of the Buzzex Trading platform launch, traders will be able to earn Buzzex Coins for trading (500 million BZX maximum). For every $65 they trade, 1 BZX will be instantly credited to their account (value = $0.13).


Open Up Buzzex Coins Markets

We expect the trans-fee mining period to last 3-6 months (6 months maximum) and the moment this happens the BZX trading pairs on the Buzzex Exchange will open up, allowing traders to buy BZX to get a higher discount on trading fees or earn more daily crypto.


Open Up BuzzexPay Global Payment Solution

BuzzexPay will connect to the Buzzex Exchange and will allow online merchants to set up a payment gateway to instantly receive 100+ cryptocurrencies as form of payment with ultra-low fees (0.1%). Buzzex Traders will be able to buy products with the click of a button.

About Us

Buzzex has been built from the ground up for over a year and is ready to take the cryptocurrency world by storm. Our team exists out of numerous blockchain experts that have experience in the cryptocurrency world for many years. Our passion and experience will bring Buzzex to the next level, and with the help of global ambassadors we will introduce cryptocurrencies to all parts of the world, all to help grow the cryptocurrency ecosystem. We are obliged to offer a highly secure and fast-performing trading platform that rewards traders, and look forward to welcome millions of traders worldwide to enjoy the ultimate trading experience.