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2.5843104991743 / 1,000 BTC

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Ranking Email Trading Value (BTC)
1    jo******[email protected]****.com 1.5351201226673
2    ni*******[email protected]***.uk 0.95198426480995
3    ad*****[email protected]****.com 0.050142413084571
4    af**************[email protected]****.com 0.0060424330066915

Prize Money

All winners will earn at least 20,000 BZX which allows you to earn daily dividends in the form of BTC, ETH, USDT or BZX forever. This also allows you to trade with zero fees forever on Buzzex on top, along with acquiring voting power on the Buzzex platform.

Here's how much all winners will earn:

  • 1. 60,000 BZX
  • 2. 40,000 BZX
  • 3. 20,000 BZX

2 lucky winners will each earn 20,000 BZX as well. This will happen if you end on position 31 or 61 in the trading competition!