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Become A Buzzex Partner, Get Your Coin Listed
And Earn BZX Coins To Support Your Project!

Current Project Earnings: 5,000 BZX($650)

Vote Stats

Total Votes: 7

Total Verified Votes: 5


How Do Coin Partners Earn On Buzzex?

Phase 1: Voting - 100 Million BZX Giveaway ($13 Million Value)

  • Earn 1000 BZX For Every Verified Vote

  • BZX Are Instantly Credited When A Vote Gets Verified

Phase 2: Trans-Fee Mining - 100 Million BZX Giveaway ($13 Million Value)

  • Earn BZX Coins When Members Trade Your Coin On Buzzex

  • BZX Are Instantly Credited After Every Trade

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How can coin devs earn?

Coin devs will earn in 2 phases. In the first phase before Buzzex launches, they will earn 1000 BZX whenever a verified member casts a vote for their project to be listed on Buzzex. In this second phase, they will earn when traders trade their coin on the Buzzex platform ($65 traded = 1 BZX earned).

How can coin devs become a partner and activate earnings?

In order to receive the rewards, coin projects need to verify their main site by uploading a simple text file to their main site. This will release earnings (after admin approval) from votes during the first phase and ensure they start earning the moment their coin trades on our platform.

Why should members vote for coins on Buzzex?

Apart from getting your favorite coin listed on Buzzex, verified members will also earn 500 BZX for voting. This is released the moment the coin they voted for gets listed on the Buzzex exchange.

When do the voting rewards end?

24 hours before the Buzzex trading platform launches, voting rewards for coin devs and regular Buzzex members will end. We expect to have a final date shortly after New Year.

Where can I vote for coins?

You can vote for your favorite coin, earn 500 BZX for doing so and reward your favorite coin project with 1000 BZX on the voting page here: https://buzzex.io/vote