We'll Share A Total Of 20 Million BZX With Participants (Value = $2.6 Million!)


In order to win, simply answer this question:

Q: What will the average daily trading volume on Buzzex be the first week the platform launches?

Everybody that joins gets 1 chance to win and multiple options to increase your chances to win!

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Buzzex Is An Upcoming Global Digital Asset Exchange Platform.

Over 100,000 Traders Will Be Active The Moment The Platform Launches.

In Order To Get everybody Excited Even More, We Are Launching A Contest With Amazing Prices.

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Contest Winnings Table:

  • 1. 1,000,000 BZX ($130,000)

    2-10. 500,000 BZX ($65,000)

    11-50. 100,000 BZX ($13,000)

    51-100. 20,000 BZX (2,600)

    101-500. 10,000 BZX ($1,300)

    501-1000. 1,000 BZX ($130)

Current Entry Stats

Total Entries: 48,360

Total Filled Entries: 1,476

Average 7-day Volume Guess This Moment: 151,267,619

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How can I join The Contest?

Everybody that joins Buzzex will have 1 entry to guess the answer to the question.

How can I get more entries?

If you refer others to Buzzex and they verify their account (KYC verified) you will get one more entry. The more you can guess the answer, the higher your chance of winning up to 1 Million BZX (value = $130K).

How is the total volume during the first 7 days calculated?

We will simply add all trading volume of Buzzex together for the first 7 days (in Dollar value), and then divide it by 7. This will give us the average daily volume the first 7 days which is the answer you need to provide to win.

Are cents calculated?

No, just need to provide an even number in Dollar value.

What if 2 people enter the same number?

If you add the same number as somebody else and that is the winning number, the amount won will be divided by the two winners.

Can I win more than once?

No. Your best answer will count for the final ranking table and you will win the prize of your best answer. So you can only win once and getting more entries gives you a higher chance of winning a bigger prize.

When does the contest end?

24 hours before the Buzzex trading platform launches, the contest will end and all answers will be final. You can still adjust your answers up until this moment. We expect to have a final date shortly after New Year.